Annual ethics panel set to discuss Presidential Election

Members of the 2015 Ethics Panel (from left to right): Lucy Edwards Hochstein, Criminal Justice; Joseph Boisineau, Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs (retired); Sharon Hartline, Philosophy; Joseph Staniunas, Communication; David Vom Lehn, Criminal Justice major; Tyler Francis, Economics major; Virginia Burggraf, Nursing; Kiertisak Toh, Economics.

The Department of Criminal Justice is hosting an interdisciplinary ethics panel at 7 p.m. on Oct. 25 in the Bonnie Auditorium. The theme for the panel is “Critical Issues in this Presidential Election.”

The panel, now in its 11th iteration, will “discuss the ethical implications in the current presidential election,” according to Criminal Justice Professor Lucy Edwards Hochstein.

“Ethics are an important part of my life and my teaching,” Hochstein said. “Others on campus came together to spread discussion of ethics and show that it is an important aspect of our students' lives and careers.”

The panel of interdisciplinary ethics scholars is comprised of:

  • Virginia Burggraf, Endowed Professor of Gerontological Studies, School of Nursing
  • Sharon Hartline, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Lucy Edwards Hochstein, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
  • Joe Staniunas, Jr., Instructor, School of Communication
  • Kiert Toh, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Each participant in the panel will address ethical questions related to their field.

“Joe Staniunas will speak on journalists' ethical dilemma when they know a candidate has lied to them,” Hochstein said. “Virginia Burggraf will speak on health care inequity, Kiert Toh on income inequality, Sharon Hartline on gender images of Hillary Clinton in the media and at rallies. I will address the implications of proposed criminal justice changes.”

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Oct 18, 2016
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