Global Café a cultural experience for campus community

This fall, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) has introduced a new cultural program called Global Café.

The program invites students and faculty to engage in discussion about topics, such as race and culture, on a global scale.

At each lunchtime session, Global Café facilitators and participants will discuss at least one country from each continent and enrich each session with diversity and inclusion. CDI staff said their mission is to cover numerous global issues that students and faculty might not be aware of otherwise.

“Global Café is like a portal to the world without leaving campus," said Tasia Persson, CDI's administrative assistant. "It gives you an inside perspective."

In addition to lunchtime discussions, CDI provides internship opportunities to students who enjoy academic research, critical thinking, writing and creating presentations.

“These skills are instrumental and provide a unique chance to engage with our community, environment and campus and nurture expressive ideas surrounding international relations,” Persson said.

Senior Carmelle Coby, a CDI intern, stressed how important and easy it is for college students to become "global citizens."

“Be aware. Become open minded and more of a global citizen through educated discussions. Connect what is happening in this country to others. If you do your own research or come to Global Cafe, you will become more knowledgeable of the world around you," Coby said.

For more information on Global Cafe or the Center of Diversity and Inclusion, visit the CDI website.

Nov 14, 2016
Lisa Sheffer