Flipping the switch to single-stream recycling


It’s time for a quiz.

What is single-stream recycling?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Time’s up!

Single-stream recycling means placing paper, plastic and glass into a common container instead of separate recycling bins. Radford University will transition to a single-stream recycling system on Nov. 15, America Recycles Day.

“We will begin recycling newspapers, magazines, mail, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, tissue boxes, aluminum and steel cans, glass and all plastics together,” said Radford University Sustainability Manager Josh Nease.

The new system will replace the current multi-stream recycling collection method. However, corrugated cardboard boxes, batteries, electronics and printer cartridges will continue to be collected separately.

“Data shows that single stream recycling increases total recycling, and in some places the increase has been dramatic,” Nease said. “By 2040, the university is striving to recycle 75 percent of its solid waste, and this is a good next step.”

Muse Hall will be the first building to switch to single-stream. Radford University Sustainability will staff information tables in the building from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Nov. 15 to raise awareness of the new collection system. SGA also plans to host a recycling education program in Muse Hall.

Reorganization and standardization of all recycling infrastructure and signage is underway in Muse, which will simplify the transition and allow for greater visibility, Nease said.

To learn more, contact Nease at 540-831-5223 or jnease@radford.edu.

Nov 9, 2016
Chad Osborne