RUPD Response to Suspicious Object of June 15

Some members of the Radford University campus community have asked questions regarding the university’s response to a suspicious object that was discovered on June 15 at the Student Outdoor Recreation Complex, which is located off campus at the intersections of Burlington, Clements, Whitehall and East Main Streets.

Shortly before noon on June 15, two RU employees unlocked the volleyball court at the outdoor recreation complex to conduct maintenance. After entering, they noticed a suspicious object on top of the court sand, and not knowing what it was, placed it near a trash receptacle. The employees demonstrated diligence by calling the Radford University Police Department (RUPD) regarding the object.

RUPD quickly assessed the suspicious object as a discarded or abandoned firework that posed no risk to the greater RU campus. Out of an abundance of caution, RUPD invited Virginia State Police bomb technicians to the scene to assist with disposal of the object.

RUPD determined that a campus-wide notification or alert was not necessary based on the following circumstances:

  • The device was assessed to be a discarded or abandoned firework.
  • The volleyball court and all surrounding recreation facilities were unoccupied at the time of the discovery.
  • The volleyball court was secured by an eight-foot-high fence and locked gate.
  • The Student Outdoor Recreation Complex, of which the volleyball court is a part, is located more than four blocks from the RU campus, thus not posing a risk to the greater RU campus community.

"See Something, Say Something" - RUPD reminds the Radford University community to report any suspicious activity to RUPD at 540-831-5500.

Radford University uses multiple alert notification technologies for emergencies and extreme weather events using the RU Alerts system for phone, text and email notifications as well as campus siren and secondary campus communication technology and social media outlets.

The RU Alerts system is designed for Radford University students and RU staff to sign up to receive RU Alerts phone, text message and email emergency alerts. Registered users can also add secondary emails and phone numbers, and include contacts such as family members and friends to receive the emergency messages.

Instructions to Sign Up for RU Alerts

  1. Visit the MyRU portal.
  2. Select the PERSONAL INFO icon, and scroll to the RU Alerts section.
  3. Click on “Subscribe Now”; or if you have already signed up and would like to edit existing contact information, click "Edit RU Alerts Information."

You may return to this link at any time to edit or remove yourself from the system. The RU Alerts system database is updated annually. It is important to check your information by January 30 of every year.

Note: RU Alerts emails are sent through the RU network automatically during an emergency regardless of an individual being signed up through the RU Alerts system. These emails have a subject heading of RU Alerts and are sent to all account holders.

LiveSafe is a personal safety app that lets students, campus employees, parents and the community communicate quickly and effectively with RUPD and other campus safety services.

With the app, users can directly access police and 911 emergency services, share their location with friends and report non-emergency concerns on campus.

The app lets users submit tips via text with picture and video attachments (including the option to stay anonymous), live chat with safety officials, access emergency phone numbers and campus resources quickly, see a comprehensive safety map that pinpoints incidents on or near campus, and use a peer-to-peer tool called SafeWalk that allows friends to watch out for each other through location monitoring and group chat. Additionally, app users can request a safety escort and receive important broadcast notifications specific to Radford University.

To get the app, download "Live Safe" from Google Play or the App Store, sign up with your name and info, then select Radford University as your school.

Jun 17, 2016