Refilling made easier with new water bottle filling stations in residence halls


Radford University’s Student Government Association (SGA) partnered with Facilities Management to take steps to ensure students have adequate water filling stations in residence halls.

The SGA’s focus was to provide students with an adequate amount of water fountain sites located on each residence hall floor.

Bottle filing stations have been installed at the following locations:

·        Ingles Hall – first floor

·        Muse Hall – second, third, fourth and fifth floors near lounges

·        Floyd Hall – third floor: Honors hall

·        Tyler Hall – first and third floor

·        Peery Hall – third floor

·        Trinkle Hall – third floor

·        Stuart Hall – third floor

Adding these additional modern water bottle filling station locations throughout several buildings provides an eco-friendly option for students to easily refill water bottles and canisters without the need for additional plastic containers, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

“This was an impressive partnership between SGA and Facilities Management. Students identified a need and then worked with university staff to add 11 more bottle filling stations to our residence halls,” said Radford University Sustainability Manager Josh Nease. “Efforts like these are just another example of the collaborative nature of Radford University employees and students and our collective commitment to sustainability.” 

Dec 6, 2016
Chad Osborne