SGA banquet kicks off the 2016 academic year

Radford University students, faculty and administrators rang in the new academic year by gathering for the Student Government Association (SGA) banquet in the Covington Center.

The SGA’s primary focus is to work on behalf of the students and improve their campus life. This year, there are some specific objectives that the SGA wants to accomplish.

“I would like to establish a more welcoming and engaging Student Government by focusing more on campus inclusiveness,” said SGA President Jacinda Jones. “The majority of our initiatives for this academic school year involve different ways to reach and support the student body, while partnering with other clubs and organizations.”

“We really want to focus on civic engagement, particularly voter turnout,” senior class Senator Daniel Yoon said. “We also will be working on how the SGA can contribute to strategic enrollment. To help accomplish that, we will be partnering with Montgomery County Public Schools’ Commit to Graduate Program, in addition to doing a #Grad2Rad Program where we will develop relationships with students at the high school level to Radford University.”

sga banner

The SGA and their faculty mentors gather at the annual SGA banquet prior to the start of the 2016 academic year.

To help achieve an increase in voter turnout, Deputy Secretary of Social Outreach Samantha Rubush is targeting communication toward Radford’s students, including incoming freshman, who may not be aware of the role of the SGA.

“I’ll be working alongside Amber Ferguson to increase awareness that SGA exists and that we are here as an excellent resource for whatever students may need,” Rubush said. “Amber and I will work with other major campus organizations to foster more connectivity between organizations and maintain positive relations.”

Ferguson, the Social Outreach Coordiantor, wants to increase the visibility of the SGA on Radford’s campus.

“We want to reach out and support anyone in every way we can,” Ferguson said.

President Brian O. Hemphill met with members of the SGA prior to the 2016 academic year.

The SGA believes it will serve as a critical component to supporting Hemphill’s vision for Radford University, which is to transform the University into an innovative, premier university in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond with a focus on teaching, research and service.

Aug 26, 2016
Max Esterhuizen
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