Dramatic performance raises awareness of sexual assault

The "Speaking of Sex" program featured a cast of three professional actors who acted out scenes in which college students confronted issues with their partners.

Hundreds of students attended an engaging theatrical performance on March 30 that brought important awareness to sexual assault.

The "Speaking of Sex" program featured a cast of three professional actors who acted out scenes in which college students confronted issues with their partners.

Topics covered included "NO means NO," how language influences attitudes and actions, how to communicate with a partner who won’t listen and how to stop the passion when your partner says "NO."

Throughout the show, a facilitator encouraged students to react to the scenes. The actors stayed in character and answered questions and explained their actions to the audience.

"These topics are hard to talk about, they're taboo," the facilitator explained. "But it is important to have these conversations to better understand and learn how to handle these situations in the future. I know all of us here tonight have encountered many of these scenes in real life, especially while in college."

GTC Dramatic Dialogues has been offering an innovative approach to dealing with important campus issues since 1995. Their style of Intervention Theater combines short dramatic scenes, moderated talk-backs and real-life scenarios, all of which make GTC Dramatic Dialogues effective in cutting through the rhetoric to get at the real issues.

"The production was very enlightening and participatory," said Dean of Students Irvin Clark.  "The actors and facilitator were very effective in delivering a message about sexual behavior through theatrics and dialogue that resonated with everyone in attendance."

Clark called the performance a "must do again for the next academic year."

Radford University has been proactive in pursuing an array of initiatives to combat sexual assault. All new entering students are required to participate in online educational interventions that include both Alcohol.edu and Haven. Faculty and staff are likewise required to participate in either an in-person training or online training on issues of sexual harassment and assault.

Following the program, counselors were made available to students. Students were also reminded of the many resources they can turn to should they have questions regarding any of the topics highlighted during the performance.

The Radford University performance was sponsored by the Student Government Association, Housing & Residential Life, Disability Resource Office, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, SAVES, R-SPACE, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Life, McConnell Library, Greek Life, New Student Programs, Athletics, Student Activities, Fitness/Wellness and the Dean of Students Office.


Radford University students stand with the "Speaking of Sex" cast after the March 30 performance.

Apr 1, 2016