Presidential Search Update

Dear Radford University Faculty, Staff and Students,

As someone whose sisters all graduated from Radford University, I have come to appreciate the value and uniqueness of RU.  For more than 100 years, Radford graduates have been leaders in their respective disciplines and have been very much a part of making our communities better places for the next generation.  As Rector of the Board of Visitors, I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the special place Radford University has in our Commonwealth’s system of excellent higher education institutions.  Behind this success have always been a dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to our students.

The search for the next president who will build upon the accomplishments of President Kyle is the Board of Visitors’ most important task, and one that is shared by the RU community.  Essential to the selection process has been the input from faculty, staff, students and alumni.  Last week’s campus forums conducted by the Presidential Search Committee were informative in learning the perspectives of the various constituencies that have strong interest in the future direction of Radford University and the selection of the next president.

In order to fully understand that input and the perspectives of the faculty, today I had several meetings with members of the faculty, the Faculty Senate, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Council of Chairs and past Senate presidents.  I found all the meetings to be open and frank discussions, and helpful in more fully understanding the diversity of viewpoints surrounding a number of topics including the presidential search.

Based on the feedback from both the forums and today’s meetings, the Board of Visitors has authorized the expansion of the Presidential Search Committee to include three additional faculty members (one each from the College of Education and Human Development, College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts) to ensure representation of all the colleges.

As we continue the presidential search process, the input of faculty, staff, students and alumni will continue to be of utmost importance, and you are encouraged to share your viewpoints on the desired attributes of Radford University’s seventh president with the Presidential Search Committee.  With your continued feedback and support, I am confident that the PSC will be able to fulfill its charge of providing the Board with a number of highly qualified candidates from which to select the next president of Radford University.


Anthony R. Bedell

Rector, Radford University Board of Visitors

Sep 29, 2015