Club Fair reaches new heights


A record 215 student clubs and organizations participated in this year's Club Fair.

A towering Ferris wheel offered spectacular views of Radford University's Club Fair on Sept. 4.

The giant spinning wheel was a highlight of the annual event that invited students to explore more than 200 of Radford's student clubs and organizations. This year's Club Fair, held on Heth Lawn, was the largest in Radford University's history, according to John Leonard, assistant director of Student Activities- Student Involvement. 

A record 215 student organizations participated along with 29 Radford University offices/departments, 30 Chamber of Commerce businesses and two community service partners – a new initiative this year.

"Students had such a good time exploring the 275 tables of clubs, departments and local businesses," Leonard said. "Even a short rainfall didn't drive them away; they huddled under trees and tents until the rain stopped and then went right back to enjoying the event."

Club Fair is an exciting time for organizations to attract new members. It is also a great opportunity for students to discover all of the resources available to them.

"Club Fair is my favorite day of the year at Radford," said junior Dylan Price, president of Radford Pitches. "Without Club Fair, we wouldn't have a direct connection to the students who have searched for us. It's a great tool for integrating contact information between two mutually-interested parties."

Radford University offers more than 260 student clubs and organizations representing a variety of recreational, social and spiritual interests.

Sep 10, 2015