Alumna returns to share research on issues of gender in the workplace

Katie Lawson

Katie Lawson, assistant professor of psychological science at Ball State University, will return to her graduate alma mater Oct. 12 to present on gendered occupational segregation.

Lawson, who received her M.A. in experimental psychology from Radford University in 2009, has focused her research at graduate and doctoral levels on the interplay between gender and work.

"Very broadly, I am interested in the associations among work, family, and gender across the lifespan," Lawson said. "I am particularly interested in continuing to pursue research that examines gender atypical occupational choices."

In her presentation at Radford, Lawson will discuss social problems at the individual, family, business and societal levels, and present research on the development of gendered occupational choices of both men and women. She will also bring new research on factors that have helped women pursuing gender atypical majors succeed.

Lawson's talk will take place in Heth Hall 43 at 4 p.m. It will be free and open to the public.

Oct 5, 2015