Do the math: 10,288 times 1 times 5 = 51,440


One pound a day, for one week.

Radford University Recycling is encouraging all university faculty, staff and students to bring one pound of recyclables a day to campus for one week, or five days. "With RU's strength being 10,288 people, we could recycle 51,440 pounds per week of recycled material," said Pavan Muddanna, recycling coordinator for RU.

That number easily would boost RU well past its goal of collecting 100,000 pounds of recyclable materials for the RecycleMania 2015 competition. "We could achieve our goal in less than two weeks of the eight-week competition," Muddanna said.

Muddanna has done the math. "10,288 students, staff and faculty, times one pound of recyclable materials times five days in a week equals 51,440 pounds of recyclables," he said.

Recycled materials, which include mixed paper, mixed containers and cardboard, can be dropped off at your nearest campus recycling bins, Muddanna said.

RecycleMania is a friendly competition among North American colleges and universities that benchmarks recycling programs and promotes waste reduction activities.

To follow RU's progress through the competition, visit RecycleMania began Jan. 18 and ends March 28. Final results will be announced in mid-April.

If you have any questions or need a recycling bin, contact Muddanna at 831-7807 or via email at

Feb 24, 2015