Greek Life community joins national campaign


This year's Greek Leaders' Retreat was held Aug. 21-23.

Radford University has proudly joined the national "ReThink Greek" campaign that aims to better inform students and parents about the Greek Life community.

The new campaign, fueled by Innova, makes it easier for fraternity and sorority members to share their stories through an interactive website and materials that relay a centralized, positive narrative of the Greek Life movement.

Visitors to the ReThink Greek website can share their information, connect directly with college campuses and find other positive Greek Life sites and national opportunities.

"The campaign gives Greek Life visibility beyond campus," said Robert Marias, assistant director for student activities, Greek Life. "It gives more truth to what sororities and fraternities can offer."

Radford University was one of the first institutions to support the campaign, which formally launches Aug. 24.

"We thought we should be on the front end of this campaign because it is on track with what we are doing here at Radford," Marias said. "We are building a community where we dwell on the things we're doing right and learn from the things we're doing wrong. We are looking for students who want to challenge themselves, who want to volunteer in their community and who want to be leaders."

The campaign's launch comes in the midst of many Greeks' return to campus. The 2015 Greek Leaders' Retreat was held Aug. 21-23. In addition, more than 400 sorority and fraternity members are expected to help volunteer during move-in, scheduled for Aug. 27-28. Sorority recruitment starts Sept. 5.

Aug 20, 2015