Radford University says thank you


President Kyle addresses guests at a garden party she hosted as part of the Stewardship Weekend.

On Saturday, April 11, Radford University said thank you to its most generous supporters during the afternoon's Partners in Excellence Celebration and an evening garden reception at the Governor Tyler House.

"This day is our opportunity to let you know what these scholarships mean to us and our students," said President Penelope W. Kyle during the Partners in Excellence Celebration where scholarship recipients are able to meet their benefactors.

Radford University Foundation Board Vice President Dale Parris, M.B.A. '85, M.S. '10 described why she and many others support Radford University and its students. "We are here to change lives. There are great things happening here at Radford University," said Parris.

Lindsay Marti, benefactor of the Nathan B. Marti Memorial Scholarship, discussed why she and her friends and family created the scholarship in honor of her brother Nathan Marti '05, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2007. She said it allowed her, her family and Nathan's friends to continue Nathan's legacy in a meaningful way. Lindsay hosts annual fundraising events to raise funds for the scholarship. "Our fundraising success is due to the support of friends, family and those who didn't know Nathan but allow us to tell his story," said Lindsay.

Hannah Gullickson '16, the recipient of the Dr. Edna Warweg Speidel Scholarship in Chemistry, spoke to the more than 100 benefactors and students in attendance about what the scholarship meant to her. She said that because of this scholarship, she was able to continue her education at Radford and work in chemistry professor Kim Lane's laboratory researching ways to mitigate the negative side effects patients experience when taking cancer drugs.

"I hope when I'm a professional out in the world that I will be able to make a difference in a student's life as you have in mine," said Gullickson.

In the evening, President Penelope W. Kyle hosted all those who had donated $1,000 or more in fiscal year 2014 and this current year, those who have given $25,000 or more to the university and those who have documented Radford University in their estate plan.

The event was held at the historic Governor Tyler House, which was the home of Governor James Hoge Tyler and his wife Susan Hammet Tyler from the time it was built in 1892 to their deaths in the 1920s. It now serves as the Radford University's president official residence. The Queen Anne-style home was gifted to the Radford University Foundation by two longtime friends of Radford University: Randal J. Kirk '76 and Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham.

President Kyle thanked those who were able to attend the event and expressed the university's appreciation for all that they do for the university's students, programs and continued success.

"We wanted to be able to get you together and say thank you. Everyone here is a supporter of Radford University. We've been blessed by your generosity and dedication to the university. Thank you for your support and continued support!" said President Kyle.


Lorene Jones, scholarship recipient Holly Moore, and Myrl Jones.

Apr 15, 2015