Global Menu and Entertainment Highlight RU's ISAC International Banquet


Students perform Columbian and Venezuelan dances during the 24th Annual International Banquet,

The Radford University community savored the tasty wonders and fun sounds of the world on April 18 at the International Student Affairs Council (ISAC) 24th annual international banquet.

Themed "The World Re-imaged," the evening featured a global menu representing 16 countries or regions, a dozen performances and a fashion show. More than 300 people attended the banquet, which had an interactive feel, said Tenbit Melesse, ISAC president.

"We are trying to make the world a better place. We wanted to help people in our community but we also wanted to inspire people to get involved and do something to help change the world for the better," Melesse said.

The table centerpieces were adorned with pictures of ongoing global crises and a list of suggestions as to how guests can help individually, said Melesse. The room was also decorated with inspirational quotes to motivate people to make a change and chalkboards so guests could contribute ways they can individually make the world a little better, Melesse said.

ISAC also worked with Beans and Rice to raise money and began a weeklong canned food drive as part of the evening's festivities.

Sarah Mansueti was a volunteer cook who prepared one of the international taste treats for the guests and family who joined her.

"I had so much fun," she said. "My dad raved about the food. I can not stop thinking about the Scottish dessert, Cranahan."


Ethiopian students perform a dance during the 24th International Banquet.

The dinner menu featured Bulgogi, a South Korean steak, apple and vegetable dish; Ethiopian Tikil Gomen, a vegetable dish; empanadas; and Hutspot, a vegetable, milk and butter dish from the Netherlands, among other specially prepared entrees and side dishes. Along with Cranahan, the dessert menu included Chinese taro coconut, baklava and chocolate trifle.

Entertainment included music such as Scottish flute performance and a joint American and Russian instrumental duet. The dances ranged from American clogging and step to the Bolivian Caporeles and included South Korean, Ethiopian and African performances.

Apr 29, 2015