RU runners light up campus during Glo Run


Glo Run participants taking off from the starting line

Dozens of Radford University students dashed across the start line late Monday during the Midnight Glo Run.

The 5K-style event took runners twice around the perimeter of campus. Many of the night owls donned glowing headbands, necklaces and bracelets.

The race was part of the university's BE S.E.E.N. (Be Successful Through Engagement and Education) initiative, which features six weeks of events intended to engage students in campus happenings, such as sports and student organizations.

This week's theme is Wellness, Recreation and Sports. Next week's focus is Service and Sustainability.

Fifty-seven participants registered for the run along with 23 student workers and three volunteers.

Afterward, students enjoyed a midnight snack at the Hurlburt Student Center.

For more information on BE S.E.E.N. events, visit their website.

Race results:


First place: J.D. Graham, 19:26

Second place: Luke Blevins, 23:05

Third place: Simon Lays and Filippo Amagno, 23:54


First place: Abigail Malubry, 25:48

Second place: Amy Kinkler, 27:08

Third place: Rebecca Brersack, 28:10


Left to Right: 3rd Place Male(s): Filippo Amagno and Simon Lays, 2nd Place Male: Luke Blevins, 1st Place Male: JD Graham, 1st Place Female: Abigail Malubry, 2nd Place Female: Amy Kinkler, 3rd Place Female: Rebecca Brersack

Sep 3, 2014