RU enhances campus support for undergraduate research


Undergraduate research is a high-impact practice with proven positive benefits for the students who engage in it.

To nourish the bond between faculty and student that drives a successful undergraduate research experience, Radford University has upgraded to an enhanced institutional membership in the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), an organization known as the national voice of undergraduate research.

The institutional membership enables all RU faculty, staff and students to become individual CUR members upon registration at no cost.

"I am delighted that RU is demonstrating our commitment to engaging students in the high-impact practice of undergraduate research by enhancing our CUR membership. This increased membership level will provide faculty additional support and access to grant opportunities, mentorship and a variety of resources," said Assistant Vice Provost for High Impact Practices Jeanne Mekolichick. "Undergraduate research can be a profoundly engaging, inspiring, and transformative experience for our students, positively altering their career trajectory and their lives."

Upon completion of the registration process, RU faculty and students will have full access to a range of CUR services and resources that facilitate research and scholarship opportunities at the undergraduate level. Among the benefits of individual membership are access to the electronic version of the CUR Quarterly, the organization’s journal, access to its CUR network of undergraduate research mentors, webinars and guidance about scholarship opportunities for undergraduates.

"The key is for folks to visit the link below and register for your free enrollment. After you enter your name and title, please be sure to select Radford University from the drop down. It should alert you to the fact that your membership is covered, and then will prompt you to continue to add your contact information," Mekolichick said. "If utilized, a CUR membership can be a valuable resource that helps faculty infuse or expand undergraduate research into their courses, programs and the curriculum."

To register, visit the CUR website, and under the institution name, check Radford University.

The CUR mission is to support and promote undergraduate student-faculty collaboration in a variety of disciplines. CUR universities and individuals focus on providing research opportunities for faculty and students at all institutions serving undergraduate students. CUR membership includes more than 650 colleges and universities and almost 10,000 individuals.


Sep 9, 2014