RU Planetarium latest feature is "We Choose Space"

We Choose Space

"We Choose Space" is the RU Planetarium feature through Nov. 20.

"We Choose Space" starts 50 years ago with President Kennedy’s momentous decision to go to the Moon and tracks space exploration through today at the International Space Station (ISS.). Produced by the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, "We Choose Space" is an immersive full-dome adventure that includes visits to the ISS and a possible future moon colony. The show makes human spaceflight after the Space Shuttle exciting, immersive and real.

Told by astronauts Gene Ceran, Tom Jones and Scott Parazynski and famous space reporter Walter Cronkite, it features fisheye photography from inside the ISS and includes a tour of the station, which is larger than a five-bedroom house. "We Choose Space" also animates the construction of a sustainable lunar colony and spacecraft of the future.

"We Choose Space" will run at the RU Planetarium’s Tuesday and Thursday shows at 7:30 p.m. and the kid’s shows on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. The RU Planetarium will close after the Nov. 20 show and re-open on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

The RU Planetarium offers 32 reclined planetarium seats within its 24-foot diameter dome and can accommodate large groups. To visit the planetarium at times other than its regularly scheduled showtimes or with a group, contact Rhett Herman.

All shows are free and open to the public. The planetarium is located in Curie Hall Room 43. Enter through Reed Hall from the main campus and follow the signs in the building. A complete RU Planetarium schedule can be found online.

Nov 11, 2014