Wawrzycka named to Board of Trustees of the International James Joyce Foundation


Jolanta Wawrzycka

Jolanta Wawrzycka, professor of English at Radford University, has been named to the Board of Trustees for the International James Joyce Foundation (IJJF).

Trustees act as the guiding hands for the foundation, which counts among its members some of the world's foremost scholars on Joyce's work.

"I feel deeply honored to join the Board of Trustees," Wawrzycka said. "It is a high point in my professional career. If the election to the Board of Trustees is a measure of my peers’ recognition for my work, I’m truly grateful for the acknowledgment and I can’t wait to begin to serve my term as trustee."

The IJJF was created in 1967 to encourage scholarship, criticism and study of the life, work and career of Joyce, commonly considered one of the most important figures in modern literature.

The foundation hosts the International James Joyce Symposium, held every other June, around Bloomsday, and other conferences. Bloomsday itself (June 16) is an international celebration of Joyce and the day that his famous "Ulysses" takes place. These events gather scholars and readers from all over the world.

Wawrzycka is renowned as a Joyce scholar. Recently, she undertook efforts to translate the author's poetry into her native Polish. In June 2014, she attended the International James Joyce Symposium to share her work.

Accompanying her on that trip, and on several others, were Radford students who study the author alongside Wawrzycka.

"Dr. Wawrzycka has always used her international work in the area of Joyce scholarship to enhance her students’ learning," said Rosemary Guruswamy, chair of the Department of English. "Often she mentors our students to participate with her at conferences in Rome and other international venues."

The Board of Trustees of the IJJF consists of 18 members, each serving a term of six years.

Nov 18, 2014