Recycling Greeks

For its runaway victory during the GreekMania recycling competition, Fraternal Values Society received its reward during the 2014 Greek Life Awards Ceremony on April 29.

RU Recycling Coordinator Pavan Muddanna presented a trophy to Fraternal Values Society representative Rebecca Gaunt during the ceremony. "I am extremely happy to present this trophy to Fraternal Values Society, and we look forward to GreekMania 2015," Muddanna said.

From March 24-28, RU Recycling held its inaugural GreekMania, a triathlon-themed recycling competition among RU's Greek organizations.

Greek groups recycled mixed containers on day one of the event, mixed paper on the second day and cardboard on day three.

Fraternity Values Society won the competition by recycling more than 123 pounds of recyclables, or 4.585 pounds per member. Kappa Delta Rho claimed second place with 2.774 pounds per member and Alpha Sigma Tau placed third with 2.676 pounds per member.

The prize for winning the event was the trophy and a pizza party. RU Greek Life, in agreement with RU Recycling, decided to give away the pizza party to Alpha Sigma Tau for bringing in the most recyclables materials of 238 pounds, Muddanna said.


RU Sustainability Coordinator Pavan Muddanna, left, presents the GreekMania trophy to Rebecca Gaunt.

May 6, 2014