2014 McGlothlin Travel Grant recipients announced

Sixteen Radford University students have been named McGlothlin Travel Grant recipients for the upcoming summer.

The 2014 McGlothlin Travel Grant awardees and their destinations are:

  • Rachel Boyd, freshman anthropology/geography major, Ireland and Italy
  • Jessica Clervoi, graduate candidate in education, Malawi
  • Gabrielle Demarco, junior social work major, Costa Rica
  • Riley Dishner, graduate candidate in English, Ireland and Italy
  • Hannah Downey, sophomore social work major, Costa Rica
  • Colleen Ewing, graduate candidate in psychology, England
  • Caitlyn Foley, junior psychology major. Australia
  • Alexis Gilbert, sophomore management and finance major, Costa Rica
  • Shannon Laferty, senior marketing major, Australia
  • Stacie Mandaleris, junior marketing major. Australia
  • Ashton Moran, junior management major, Australia
  • Samantha Oty, junior English major, England
  • Pierina Risco, senior marketing major, Australia
  • Samuel Raines, senior public relations major, Australia
  • Michelle Speede, senior marketing major, Australia
  • Kathryn Teeple, senior communication major, Australia

The 2014 McGlothlin Travel Grant awardees will be participating in six summer faculty-led study abroad programs led by the following RU faculty and staff:

  • Tim Filbert, assistant director of Academic Engagement and Career Services, to Costa Rica
  • Jim Lollar, associate professor of marketing, to Australia
  • Jolanta Wawrzycka, professor of English, to Ireland and Italy
  • Patti Talbot, associate professor of teacher education and leadership, to Malawi
  • Don Samson, professor of English, to England
  • Bob Hiltonsmith, professor of psychology, to England

The $1,000 awards will be applied to the recipients' upcoming foreign study experiences as a result of the grants from the McGlothlin Foundation that assist students with the costs incurred in international study experiences. Funding for the McGlothlin Travel Grant program is supported by the McGlothlin Endowment. The program was created by a contribution of more than $1.5 million by alumna Sally Ann Cook McGlothlin’s family for the advancement of international programming.

Mar 4, 2014