RU nursing professor offers holistic path to peace and recovery in Selfless Love

Ellen Birx

"Selfless Love: Beyond the Boundaries of Self and Others," about complementary alternative medicine, by Ellen Birx, professor of nursing in the Radford University Waldron College of Health and Human Services, has been released by Wisdom Publications.

"I drew upon research and knowledge about cognitive science and incorporated it with spiritual wisdom for a path to a sense of separate self to experience unbounded love and encourage compassionate action," she said.

The book, Birx's third with Wisdom Publishing, offers spiritual and scientific perspectives on coping with the magnitude of personal, environmental and social issues modern people face daily. Selfless Love combines physiological and psychiatric research from her practice as psychiatric and mental health nurse with wisdom from a variety of religious traditions, like Zen Buddhism, of which Birx is a teacher.

Among the environments in which Birx developed the book's theme was in her work as with returning combat veterans. "It is moving to see peace return to a veteran who has experienced so much," she said. "It is wonderful how ideas have evolved in the ways to manage stress, pain, anxiety and depression as science begins to study and understand it physically and psychologically."

Birx has also written "Waking Up Together: Intimate Partnership on the Spiritual Path" with her husband in Charles and "Healing Zen: Awakening Life Wholeness Compassion While Caring for Yourself and Others."  All three Birx books are available at Amazon. com. She is also featured in this TEDx-produced video.

Mar 26, 2014