President Kyle greets Governor's School students at social

Governors School students socializing

Governor’s School students (from left) Evelyn Seo and Tiffany Ko chill out at the Governor's School Ice Cream Social July 9 in the Hurlburt Student Center.  

Governor's School students at Radford University took a break from their studies Wednesday night for some sweet indulgence.

President Penelope W. Kyle hosted the young scholars in the Hurlburt Student Center at an ice cream social. They represent some of the brightest high school students from throughout the Commonwealth.

This is the fifth year the university has been selected to host Governor's School for Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts.

"We just want to say how great we think you all are," Kyle said. "We are so proud to have you here. I know that your families are proud that you were selected for this program, and we're every bit as proud to have you join us here at Radford University."

Students are now more than halfway through their summer of study. On Wednesday, as they slurped down cold treats, they reminisced about what they've learned and what they're going to miss when classes conclude next week.

Rising senior Liz Rathburn from Hylton High School in Woodbridge is taking a mixture of courses in movies, peace conflict and comedy. Classes, taught by RU faculty and guest instructors, aren't just normal, note-taking lectures, Liz said, "I feel like I'm really engaged."

"I think this is how college really works and runs," Liz said. "I've met a lot of great people, and I feel like I've become a more well-rounded person because of it."

The last day of class is July 19, and Liz said she is excited to go home and see her parents, but "I'm going to miss all these people."

"If I could combine the two worlds, I probably would," she added.

Radford University President Penelope W. Kyle shares a moment with three students

Radford University President Penelope W. Kyle shares a moment with three students (from left: Samuel Chanesman, Zane Homsi and Aimee Toner) at the July 9 Governor's School Ice Cream Social.

Katie Boling, who attends Woodbridge High School, said the visual arts and drawing courses she is studying has helped her "branch out" as an artist.

Originally a 2-D artist, Katie is now comfortable working with clay and other 3-D forms because of the experience and knowledge she has gained at Governor's School. Katie raised her hand and flashed a copper ring she created in one of the classes.

"I came in here with no knowledge of how to do this," Katie said. "Dr. [Richard] Bay helped me step up my artwork. Now I feel like my pieces have more meaning."

Following President Kyle's welcoming address to the students, Kyle remained in the Hurlburt Student Center to talk with the high-schoolers, many of whose parents, teachers or friends emailed her before they arrived at Governor's School, she said.

Standing in line, Samuel Chanesman of Herndon High School said he was eager to thank President Kyle for the opportunity to spend part of his summer on the university's campus.

"I've had the time of my life," Chanesman said.

Governor's School is a Virginia Department of Education program that provides high school students with additional curriculum beyond what is offered at their home schools.

At RU, the program offers courses in music, visual and performing arts and the humanities. Students are exposed to a college environment as they live independently on campus and attend classes taught by professors.

Classes began on June 22, and students from across the Commonwealth are exploring fields, such as dance, music, art and theater.

Jul 11, 2014