King's pledge earns him a seat on the bench

recycled bench

RU's Joe King was one of 10 winners selected recently to receive a park bench made from recycled plastic. King, the director of RU's Honors Academy was chosen in a drawing out of the more than 8,000 individuals and organizations that took an online "I Recycle" pledge in 2013 to recycle more via the RU’s campus wide- email sent out during America Recycles Day or using the QR Code and "give their garbage another life". King has donated the park bench to RU. "I didn’t really do anything," said King about his efforts to win the bench. "We have been recycling for years in our home, and we also practice recycling in our Honors Academy office so signing the pledge to recycle was hardly an issue." The pledge drive was organized by Keep America Beautiful.

Jan 22, 2014