Carla Corroto recognized by ArchDaily website

Carla Corroto

Carla Corroto, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Carla Corroto, an assistant professor of sociology at Radford University, was recently recognized by architecture news website ArchDaily for "When Will Architects Speak Up for Women's Rights," an article published on the site in July 2013.

The website named Corroto's piece as one of their "20 Best Articles of 2013." The article discussed new laws passed in Virginia in April 2013 that require clinics offering first trimester abortions to adhere to new building codes and architectural regulations. In order to comply, many clinics will be required to make costly renovations of their facilities.

Corroto notes that in the controversy surrounding the new laws, architects around the state remained quiet on the issue, despite protests from voices in healthcare, social work and women's advocacy.

The issue is at the intersection of Corroto's research efforts, which focus on gender, race and social class in architecture.

ArchDaily, founded in March 2008, is a prominent news source in the architectural community. Its editorial focus is on exhibiting the best in architecture and the social issues surrounding the field.

The RU Department of Sociology encourages and trains students to think critically about the social processes, social problems and differing cultures both within the U.S. and around the world. The faculty, like Corroto, supports this mission by offering their own research, data and opinions on the problems and needs in businesses, organizations and communities.

Jan 22, 2014