Greek Life leader accepts Ice Bucket Challenge


Robert Marias, assistant director of student activities

As move-in day wound down Aug. 22 at Muse Hall, Radford University's Greek Life community readied for the next challenge.

Greek volunteers spent much of the day helping incoming freshmen move into the 13-story high rise.

To cap the excitement, Robert Marias, assistant director of student activities, led the group to the front of Muse, where a bucket of ice-cold water stared back up at the Greek Life leader.

Marias accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge that, by Aug. 25, had prompted more than $75 million in donations toward the ALS Association.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. As the disease progresses, patients lose voluntary motor control, eventually leading to paralysis and death.

In the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants have a bucket of ice water poured over their heads. Before the dunk, participants challenge others do the same or make a $100 donation to the ALS Association or ALS research within 24 hours.

Marias was challenged by his nephew, Aidan Marias, and in return, he challenged Brad Beacham, executive director of the Sigma Nu Fraternity, Greek Life graduate assistant Caitlin Stroupe and other RU Student Activities staff to step up to the plate.

Marias follows several RU faculty and staff, such as Vice Presidents Sam Minner, Mark Shanley and Danny Kemp, Dean of Students Irvin Clark, ‎Interim Associate Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies Laura Jacobsen, and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Ken Bonk, to be iced.

To see a video of Marias' Ice Bucket Challenge, visit the RU Greek Life Facebook page.

Aug 26, 2014