RU selects Paul Currant as director of International Education

"International education is an increasing component of a comprehensive educational experience," said President Penelope W. Kyle. "Radford University students who have meaningful experiences in overseas studies, foreign language immersion and expanded cultural competencies will be better prepared for leadership and success in the global marketplace. The Commonwealth needs graduates with these important skills, as commerce is increasingly globally interconnected."

"Paul’s wealth of experience will allow us to transform RU international education into a more robust initiative on our campus. We are excited with his vision and enthusiasm for the potential of our programs, and how they will benefit our students and faculty," added President Kyle.

The International Education Center at Radford University serves international students, students interested in studying abroad and international education, and students who seek memorable and engaging cultural experiences. The center also facilitates international programs on campus, like the new Language and Cultural Institute at Radford University (LCI@RU). It provides English language programs to international students in partnership with the Language and Culture Institute at Virginia Tech. Additionally, students can gain provisional admission to many of RU’s undergraduate and graduate programs and matriculate to RU upon their successful completion of LCI@RU.

Currant earned his doctorate in drama and theater from the University of Georgia and M.A. from Kansas State University. His B.A. in English and drama was earned at the University of Wales, in Aberystwyth.

"I am absolutely delighted to be joining RU at this point in its development and in a role that is a wonderful opportunity. I was enormously impressed by the evident desire of all those I met that the International Education Center be the engine for significant progress in the university’s internationalization strategy," said Currant. "I felt a positive energy and willingness to contribute to this progression that enthused me even more. I am so looking forward to becoming part of the RU community."

Aug 4, 2014