Senator Mark Warner joins students via video conference

Radford University political science students had a unique opportunity to hear Virginia's senior U.S. senator during a video conference with Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.

The senator fielded questions about ethics in American public policy from the 24 students in the CORE 202 Topics in Ethical Inquiry course, taught by Dr. Margaret Hrezo, professor and chair of the political science department at RU.

Warner answered questions about the challenges and ethics of making political and personal decisions on high visibility issues such as healthcare and the deficit. Potential courses of military action in Syria also stimulated dialogue between the senator and the class. Additionally, he shared his perspectives on college affordability, a topic that hit close to home for the students.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to do this," Warner said, stressing the need for communication, engagement and cooperation in public policy discussion. The senator spoke of the difficulties that can arise in talking about hot-button issues, but also the importance of discussing them. "I don't believe that either political party has a monopoly on all the answers."

CORE 202 focuses on topics in ethical inquiry. Students learn major methods of ethical reasoning, and research and evaluate the arguments supporting the viewpoints of major ethical issues.

"One of our goals in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences is to provide our students with opportunities for transformational experiences that have the potential to change the trajectory of their lives in a positive way," said CHBS Dean Kate Hawkins. "Speaking with a distinguished political leader such as Senator Warner is just such an opportunity. We're so grateful to the Senator for taking time out of what we all know is a very busy schedule to invest in the lives of our students here at Radford University."

Sen. Mark Warner joins a class via Skype

Students in Margaret Hrezo's Political Science class talk directly with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner during class on Tuesday afternoon via the new telepresence system in COBE 163.

Nov 13, 2013