Bolling cleans up for Recycleathon victory

Congratulations, residents of Bolling Hall. You are the winners of Recycleathon.

Students living in Bolling rallied Wednesday, Nov. 13, to gather 214 pounds of recyclable material out of an overall 728 pounds competition total to take the top prize in the inaugural competition between Radford University residence halls. Madison Hall placed second and Norwood finished third.

The winner was determined by the most recycled material collected per-capita. Bolling had 1.6 pounds per person in the 132-person residence hall.

Before the event, students in each residence hall were encouraged to collect recyclable material and place it in each halls’ recycling rooms. Accepted materials included mixed paper, mixed containers and cardboard. The one-day showdown wrapped up Wednesday at 2 p.m. and a final weigh-in that evening determined the winner.

As a reward for their energetic and robust commitment to recycling, Bolling’s residents will receive a free movie screening, popcorn party and a trophy.

RU Recycling Coordinator Pavan Muddanna is pleased with the students’ effort in the inaugural recycling event, but he said more work is needed to make RU a leader in waste reduction.

“There is still room for improvement in all the residential halls, including reducing overall wastes, reducing contamination in recycling bins and always recycling more,” Muddanna explained. “If residents have any doubts about what can be recycled, they can always review the guidelines from the recycling website or contact the Recycling Department for more information.”

Muddanna said individual room recycling bins have been distributed across campus and recycling signs have been installed at collection points, clearly showing where the mixed paper, cans and bottles and cardboard can be placed. 

“We hope all the residential halls continue to share the spirit of competition and we have even better results in our future events,” Muddanna said.

Recycleathon was sponsored by RU Sustainability, RU Recycling and Housing and Residential Life.

Nov 20, 2013