Psychology professor appointed to rural health panel

Tracy Cohn

Tracy Cohn

Tracy Cohn, assistant professor of psychology at Radford University, has been appointed to the American Psychological Association's (APA) Committee on Rural Health (CRH).

The committee's objective is to ensure that behavioral health-care needs are met for rural Americans. Cohn, who will be part of the eight-person panel, said he hopes to "highlight the importance of rural mental health, advocate for increased funding for rural services and call for increased research on the unique needs as well as unique strengths of rural communities."

Cohn, a licensed clinical psychologist, is a faculty member in Radford University's Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program, which received accreditation from the APA in October.

RU's Psy.D. program joined 66 other active APA-accredited counseling psychology programs, only three of which offer the Doctor of Psychology degree.

Cohn said the committee appointment is important to him on a professional and personal level.

"Professionally, it aligns with my commitment to rural mental health," the professor said.  "The position may allow me to advocate for rural populations as well as highlight the needs of rural communities."

On the personal side, Cohn said, the appointment will allow him to become "more immersed in rural culture as well as work with other advocates for rural health. Many of my volunteer and foundation activities are tied to underserved and marginalized populations. I get a sense of personal fulfillment in working to advocate for marginalized populations."

Jan 23, 2013
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