Marketing 101 opens with a flourish

Cheerleaders at marketing class

Marketing Professor James Lollar arranged an unusual introduction to this semester's Creativity and Innovation class.

Music, dancing and cheerleaders opened this semester's Marketing 101 class, titled Creativity and Innovation, like a big-time sporting event.

To introduce his first creativity concept—look for and expect the unexpected—Professor James Lollar broke the typical midafternoon somnolence on Tuesday in COBE 320 and caught the attention of the 120-member class with a performance by the RU cheerleaders and music that customarily heralds the home team's entrance into the arena. About the only thing missing was the classic public-address announcement, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Several students joined the cheerleaders in a class-opening dance, though a few others exchanged puzzled glances.

"It is not what you expect in a business class," Lollar, professor of marketing, told the class to explain the dramatic introduction. "It is different, and by the end of this semester I hope you will be different."

An elective open to all majors, Creativity and Innovation teaches problem-solving skills using individual and team-based exercises. The sports-oriented introduction is one of several "non-traditional pedagogies, guest speakers and teaching environments" to be featured through the semester.

"We will venture into the unknown and break some rules," said Lollar, who introduced the class at RU last semester. It includes a variety of unusual settings and activities that he said is designed to show students what kind of creators they are and proves to them that they can work effectively with other creative thinkers.

Jan 23, 2013
Don Bowman
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