Families embark on educational adventure at RU

Shannon and Lynne Williams ready for the next stage in the move to Muse Hall

Freshman Shannon Williams and her mother, Lynne Williams, discuss the next stage in Shannon's move to Muse Hall, and her college career.

For two families, Move-In Day at Radford University on Friday marked an important step.

For the big day, Shannon Williams and her mother, Lynne, drove in from Ashburn, Va., last night and were among the early birds getting started on the move-in activities.

"Shannon is really eager for the challenges and independence, but I am going to miss her because she is my baby," said Lynne as she supervised a group of RU students ferrying Shannon's gear into Muse Hall.

"Already RU has made me feel like I can be a big fish," she said. "I am looking forward to when I can feel comfortable and prepared to start my own career."

Haroun Kmara of Fredericksburg was joined by his uncle, Mohamed Tarawally, and his nieces as he moved into Ingles Hall.  Tarawally and six-year-old Zainab and seven-year-old Hamide made the trip from Sierra Leone to support Kmara's transition to college. 

"Haroun will be an example for the whole family," said Tarawally, a construction engineer. "We are very interested in watching him succeed."

Kmara hopes to study computer science and information technology at RU and said he was looking forward to the challenges and growth that comes with this new level of education. Becoming more friendly and engaged with the people he meets in class and on campus at Radford is another goal of his, he said.

"I really like the school and love the mountains," he said.  "My education is important and it will be affordable for me and my family here."

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Aug 23, 2013
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