RU professor honored for efforts towards global peace

Glen Martin, 013 Gusi Peace Prize Laureate

Glen T. Martin, a professor of philosophy at Radford University, has been named a 2013 Gusi Peace Prize Laureate.

Glen T. Martin, a professor of philosophy at Radford University, has been named a 2013 Gusi Peace Prize Laureate for his tireless work on behalf of world peace by the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation (GPPF).

Martin was one of 17 exceptional international luminaries to receive the honor at a ceremony in Manila, Philippines on Nov. 27. The prize is awarded to individuals who spend their careers advancing humanitarian causes of global peace and understanding.

Martin received his award in recognition of his work as president of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), a worldwide organization working towards humanitarian solutions for planetary peace, justice, freedom and sustainability. The WCPA sponsored the drafting of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and today works through its worldwide network of chapters and contacts for its ratification by the people and nations of Earth.

According to Martin, his work for the ratification of the Constitution is his fundamental service to humanity, to the children of the world and to future generations.

The Gusi Peace Prize, sometimes called the "Nobel Prize of Asia," was named for Capt. Gemeniano Javier Gusi, a World War II guerilla who fought Japanese oppression. In his later years, he was also a politician and human rights activist. Gusi's son, Ambassador Barry Gusi, founded the prize in his father's honor.

Prizes have been awarded annually since 2002. Laureates are chosen by a committee of 21 votes from GPPF Trustees in many countries, including Greece, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, U.K. and USA. 

Martin has been invited by Ambassador Gusi to be a Trustee for the US for future nominations.
RU offers a Peace Studies minor, founded by Martin in 1994, through the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. Students in the minor focus on topics in global peace, from the history of peace movements to international development and human rights issues.

Dec 10, 2013