Can't Find Parking? Take the Bus!

Radford Transit Bus

Using Radford Transit (RT) is an easy way to get around while saving money along the way. Not only will you help your wallet, you will reduce the amount of emissions in the air, a benefit to the environment. Radford’s roads and parking lots will be less congested, too.

Faculty, staff and students who want to go from one end of RU to the other, or anywhere in between, can use the RT University Express, Route 10, which makes 16 stops; and the Highlander Circulator, Route 50, which makes 13 stops.

By using NextBus, a bus arrival predictor and bus tracker, riders can save time by planning when to catch the RT. NextBus arrival predictions are available to users through a variety of channels, including a website, SMS text messaging, telephone, the mobile Web and through the RUmobile smartphone application.

The RT is free to RU students, faculty and staff with a valid RU identification card. The RT also connects the Radford University community and citizens of Radford to transit systems across the New River Valley. Routes, stops and timetables can be found at the Radford Transit website. Riders can also check Radford Transit’s Facebook and Twitter pages for information and updates.

Sep 25, 2012
Don Bowman
(540) 831-7523