NASA's 'Here, There and Everywhere' Comes to RU

Jupiter and moons

A collection of exhibitions, posters and hands-on activities from NASA will be on campus Wednesday through Nov. 29. Titled 'Here, There and Everywhere,' the program teaches the basics of physics using everyday examples.

NASA describes 'Here, There and Everywhere' (HTE) as a program that aims to "connect cross-cutting science content with everyday phenomena, helping to demonstrate the universality of physical laws and the connection between our everyday world and the universe as a whole to members of the public who may not identify strongly with science."

The exhibit is a self-guided tour. However, Radford University physics students will be available "to assist with some of the hands-on experiences," Physics Professor Rhett Herman said. Part of the exhibit will include 11 large 7-feet-tall posters that visitors can walk through and explore, Herman said.

The exhibit will be on the first floor of Reed and Curie halls and will be sponsored by the RU Planetarium and the university's Department of Physics. The exhibit's tour began in September—RU is its third stop—and will continue through 2015.

To learn more, contact Herman at (540) 831-5441 or

Oct 30, 2012
Chad Osborne
(540) 831-7761