Writer Walker to Give Reading on Campus Nov. 14

Frank X Walker

Frank X Walker

Frank X Walker, a noted Appalachian writer, will give a free public reading of his work at Radford University on Nov. 14, co-sponsored by the English Club, the Department of English and Student Support Services' TRIO program.

Walker's appearance on campus is made possible by the university's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Scholar-Citizen Initiative.

"With great integrity, Frank X Walker embodies the idea of a Scholar-Citizen and provides a powerful model for others. Each of his books illustrates this. His poetry collections, 'Affrilachia' and 'Black Box,' demonstrate a responsibility to a place and a people and a driving curiosity to understand and enrich their lives," English instructor Jim Minick wrote about the event. "The very word 'Affrilachia' gives a new voice to an often overlooked segment of our Appalachian region. As he says in his artist statement: 'I have accepted the responsibility of challenging the notion of a homogeneous all-white literary landscape in this region.' "

Walker will give a free public reading at 7 p.m. in McGuffey Auditorium and will also meet with 140 high school students on campus as part of the Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools (AASIS) program.

Walker visited RU a decade ago, drawing a crowd of more than 300 to his reading. His newest release is "I Dedicate This Ride," the story of African-American jockey Isaac Burns Murphy, the son of a slave, who was the first person to win the Kentucky Derby three times.

To learn more about Walker's visit, e-mail Minick at jminick@radford.edu. More information on the AASIS program is available from Ruth Derrick, AASIS coordinator, at (540) 831-5366.

Additional co-sponsors of Walker's appearance on campus are the Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center, Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools (AASIS) program and Campus Programming Committee.

Oct 30, 2012
Bonnie Q. Erickson
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