Artistry on Display in Virginia Galleries

Illumination by Sidra Kaluszka

Sidra Kaluszka's "Illumination"

Radford University graduate art students recently gave audiences in Radford and Richmond an opportunity to experience their work.

Graduate Art Student Association (GASA) members had their pieces displayed at Radford’s Glencoe Museum and Gallery in Radford in January and February.

Students Nick Milinazzo, Aislinn Lowry, Sidra Kaluszka, Aili Wang, Jerry Frech, Anne Graham and Shaun Whiteside all presented artwork.

Kaluszka’s “Illumination” (right) was among the many works displayed. “My goal is for the viewer to gain a degree of inner peace, even if it is just for an instant,” the artist said. “I want the viewer to yearn for more, open their eyes to the magnificent world around them, and see what they may have overlooked in the past.”

In February, Uptown Gallery of Richmond presented “Watermarks,” an exhibit consisting of watercolors created by Radford University Master of Fine Arts students.

Lowry, Kaluszka, Wang presented their works in Richmond along with graduate students Cheng-Fen Yeh, Nicholas Stewart, Jonathan Murrill and Sonja Novak.

The work of award-winning watercolorist and Radford University professor Z.L. Feng was also featured at Uptown Gallery.

The gallery billed the exhibit as representing a “wide range of artistic tastes and influences, from pictorial to abstract; daily life and imagination inspire them to energetically explore the endless properties of watercolor.”

The GASA is open to Master of Fine Arts students who seek artistic opportunities, support and constructive feedback.

The organization’s goals are to interact with the community, build connections with the artistic world and develop opportunities for improvement and expansion.

Dec 31, 2099
Chad Osborne