College of Education and Human Development Recognizes Exemplary Students

Tufts recieves student award.

Kaylilla Tufts (right)  receives the Overall Outstanding Student Award from Instructor Susan Miller. Tufts was one of four students in the College of Education and Human Development to receive the award.

The College of Education and Human Development recognized 47 graduate and undergraduate students during an awards ceremony Friday in the Hurlburt Center Auditorium.

Thirty-three of the students received Outstanding Student Awards and others were recognized for significant milestones in their studies and the impressive impact they’ve made in schools and local communities.
CEHD Dean Pat Shoemaker told graduates they were going out into a new world where they could find their niche and make a difference. “You are the best and the brightest,” she said.
The following received awards:
Teachers of Promise: Allison Dalton, Jillian Derrick, Tristan Kissell, Kayleigh Miles, Holly Richardson, Samantha Shivley, B.J. Southern Munsey, Samantha Spencer, Katie Stone and Juliana Wright.
Virginia Scholars Award, Delta Kappa Gamma International Association : Weston Thomas
Who’s Who Recognition:  Jonathan Dunsmore and Alan Cole Wilder
SunTrust Centennial Scholars, Outstanding Graduate Research Award: Morgan Alday
Outstanding Student Awards – Counselor of Education: Lindsey Arehart, Laura Williams, April Newcomer, Jodie Kern-Bowen, Leslie Sharp, Angela Goodpasture, Beverly Hall and Jessica Talley; Teacher Education and Leadership: Tanya Lucion, Robert Nash, Laura Ulsh, Michelle Hawks, Teea Triplett, Danielle Ward, Marissa Martin, Dawn Dickey, Ben Peters, Rebecca Broomell, Katherine Jessie and Ashley Call; Recreation, Parks and Tourism: Carla Bull-Trombold, Hawah Conteh, Hannah Lewis and Kaylilla Tufts; Exercise, Sport and Health Education:  Cody Dubose, Cibele Servidoni, Emily Harvey, Julianna Wright, Jennifer McCandless, Meredith Epperley, Melody Honaker and Chelsea Kelley.
Talley, Peters, Tufts and Kelley also received Overall Outstanding Student awards.

May 11, 2011
Bonnie Erickson