News Releases

  1. Growth, Involvement and Success: Meet Raney Swanberg »


    Raney Swanberg ’19 came to Radford University open to possibilities and ready for growth. Through her involvement in a multitude of activities at Radford University, Raney discovered her true self and what she was meant to do.

  2. Majors and Minors Fair allows students to see potential academic pathways and career outcomes »


    For students who are deciding on a major and those who are interested in adding a new minor – or even a second major – the Majors and Minors Fair brings academic offerings from all around the University to a central location.

  3. History professor leads students on European study abroad experience »


    Professor of History Richard Straw, Ph.D., is no stranger to hosting a study abroad experience – he has been facilitating these experiences of a lifetime since 1995.

  4. From FBI special agent to professor, Luke William Hunt’s unexpected career journey led him to Radford University »


    Before joining the Radford family, Luke William Hunt, J.D., Ph.D., served as an FBI Special Agent and clerked for a U.S. federal judge.

  5. U.S. News & World Report highlights Radford University’s commitment to innovation with a significant rise in national rankings »


    Radford University advanced closer to the top of the list in the 2020 Best Colleges rankings in U.S. News and World Report. Radford University comes in at No. 12 for Top Public Schools – Regional Universities South, up from No. 18 last year.

  6. Music pedigree and heritage to be showcased by CrossBow at the Radford Highlanders Festival »


    CrossBow is loading up their van and taking a road trip down to the Radford Highlanders Festival on Oct. 12. The Michigan-based group is a fan-favorite at Celtic festivals across the Midwest.

  7. Radford families gather for the annual Legacy Alumni Picnic »


    Radford University legacy families gathered together in Russell Hall during Fall 2019 move-in days for the annual Legacy Alumni Picnic. Hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations, the picnic included free food and engaging activities for the families to participate in to welcome their new students to campus.

  8. Scythian brings Celtic/folk rock and unique heritage to the Radford Highlanders Festival »


    Scythian will bring their unique take of high-energy Celtic/folk rock to the Radford Highlanders Festival on Oct. 12 with three headlining performances on the campus of Radford University.

  9. Radford University appoints Craig W. Cornell as Vice President for Enrollment Management »


    Radford University has appointed Craig W. Cornell to serve in the position of Vice President for Enrollment Management effective November 1.

  10. Fall Convocation sparks excitement for 2019-20 academic year  »


    The talent and dedication of Radford University’s faculty and staff were on full display at the 2019 Fall Convocation.