Area Lodging and Visitor Information for Main Campus

The following information is provided as a courtesy to our out-of-town guests.

Area Lodging

Whether you're planning an overnight visit or an extended stay, Radford University recommends The Highlander Hotel Radford adjacent to campus, along with several other convenient lodging choices ranging from motels to bed and breakfasts.

Nearby Airports

Several airports are within driving distance of Radford University. The Roanoke Airport is about 45 minutes from campus; Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is two and a half hours away in Charlotte, N.C.; and Richmond International Airport is three and a half hours away in Richmond, Va.

What to Expect from the Weather

Temperatures in Virginia in the summer can range from the 70s to the high 90s during the day and the low 70s and 60s in the evenings and night.

Winter in Radford can be as pleasant as it is extreme. Though the temperature usually floats in the mid 30 to high 40-degree range during the winter, the temperature can sometimes go as high as the upper 50s and as low as sub-zero. (Extreme weather usually lasts for only about three weeks.) There is moderate snowfall during the winter and the snowfalls are sometimes accompanied or preceded by ice storms and strong winds.

Springtime is a beautiful time of the year at Radford University. The air is crisp and cool and the temperatures begin to rise slowly close to the end of February. When graduation time rolls around in spring, parents and students can usually expect to be sitting outside in a warm, comfortable temperature. The rainfall is moderate throughout the year.

The highest mountains in Virginia are, of course, located here in the southwest. Mount Rogers is the tallest, rising 5,730 feet. White Top is 5,520 feet. When driving to the top of these mountains, don't be surprised at what you'll find: snow on the ground as late as April and May! When heading to the high country sections of Virginia, expect temperature drops as much as 10 degrees.

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Things to Do

If your trip to the New River Valley allows you time to explore the region, you have many options - from hiking to shopping to fine dining.