Nondiscrimination Statement

Radford University does not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion, or political affiliation in the administration of its educational programs, activities, admission or employment practices.  Inquiries about this policy may be directed to the Director of Human Resources at 600 Tyler Avenue. Telephone: voice (540) 831-5008; hearing impaired (540) 831-5128.  Student inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students in Heth Hall; (540) 831-5321.

The university has adopted policies to provide for prompt and equitable resolution of discrimination complaints. The Discrimination Complaint Procedure describes the grievance procedure for individuals who have experienced discrimination. The Sexual Harassment Policy further defines sex discrimination by including examples of sexual harassment and a statement concerning consensual relationships between university employees and students. The Accommodation Procedure for Individuals with Disabilities confirms the university's commitment to providing accessibility to its programs, services and activities for individuals with disabilities who are otherwise qualified and entitled to a reasonable accommodation.

Only acts of discrimination committed by university employees in connection with their university employment may be reviewed through Human Resource policies and procedures. The term "employee" refers to any faculty, staff or graduate student employee. Individuals who believe they may have experienced discrimination, but are uncertain as to whether a complaint is justified or whether they wish to initiate a formal complaint may discuss their concerns confidentially and informally with a staff member in Human Resources.  All other cases, in which the alleged violation is committed by a student, are adjudicated by the university's student conduct system.

Students may also consult a staff member at the Counseling Center, the Multicultural & International Student Services Office or the Office of the Dean of Students.  Staff members will assist students by providing support and options for how they might resolve a concern.

Copies of the complete policy statements including procedures for resolving complaints are available in the Office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Human Resources.