Greetings from the Colleges


The College of Business and Economics

Students, faculty and staff of the College of Business and Economics (COBE) are eager to occupy. No, they’re not taking up residence around Wall Street, but rather the corner of Jefferson Street and Tyler Avenue.



College of Education and Human Development

Teaching teachers to be more effective in the classroom is one of the top priorities for Radford University’s popular master’s program for high school teachers. You read that correctly. Learning how to teach math is a popular pursuit at RU.


Waldron Hall

The Waldron College of Health and Human Development

As we age, many of us become more susceptible to such debilitating conditions as arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. These conditions are among a number of factors behind the growing demand for physical therapists.

Russell Hall

The College of Humanities and Behavorial Sciences

The research Mark Whiting is conducting in his Radford University laboratory may soon lead to effective treatments for traumatic brain injury. The assistant professor in the Department of Psychology received a grant from the National Institutes of Health for the research.


The College of Science and Technology

Science doesn’t occur in the dark, and there’s no magic involved. So says Physics Professor Rhett Herman about the prospect of passersby witnessing, through clear glass walls, real science taking shape inside RU laboratories in the soon-to-be-built Center for the Sciences.


The College of Visual & Performing Arts

The power to create ... the power to innovate ... the power to generate successful solutions to a variety of problems—this is the power of design thinking. The College of Visual & Performing Arts launched its Master of Fine Arts in design thinking, marking the first graduate program offered by the Department of Interior Design & Fashion.


The College of Graduate and Professional Studies

When the College of Graduate and Professional Studies awarded degrees in December to the first graduates from the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, the achievement was remarkable not only for the recipients but also for Radford University.