The Artis Legacy

Video: Recap of the historic announcement of the Artis Endowed Scholarship Fund.

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President Brian O. Hemphill, Marisela Rosas Hemphill, Ph.D. alumna Nancy E. Artis '73, and Pat Artis, Ph.D. unveiled the artist rendering of the planned interior and exterior renovations of Reed and Curie Halls.

By Ann Brown, M.S. '03

April 28, 2017 was a historic day for Radford University and future generations of student-scientists, thanks to the generosity of two of the University’s most dedicated supporters. Radford University announced that alumna Nancy E. Artis ’73 and H. Pat Artis, Ph.D., will contribute $5 million to Radford University to establish the Artis Endowed Scholarship Fund.

To date, this $5 million gift is the largest individual donation by an alumnus to Radford University. In appreciation, the University named the Artis College of Science and Technology in Nancy and Pat Artis’s honor. The College’s new name was announced and unveiled during the afternoon ceremony on the lawn of Reed and Curie Halls.

“Today, we announce a gift from Pat and Nancy Artis to Radford University for student scholarships in the College of Science and Technology,” said Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill. “Pat and Nancy’s generous gift will produce a lifetime of Artis Scholars, who will carry on the Artis Legacy, a deep love for science and technology and a strong desire to provide for others!” said President Hemphill.

“Pat and Nancy, on behalf of the Radford University Board of Visitors, please accept my heartfelt appreciation and lasting gratitude for all that you have done for Radford University,” said Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham, member of the Radford University Board of Visitors and board president of Radford University Real Estate Management LLC. “More importantly, thank you for all that you will continue to do for Radford University, thereby creating opportunities for current and future generations of Highlanders!” said Snyder-Falkinham.

In addition to Synder-Falkinham, Board of Visitors members Mark Lawrence and Mary Ann Hovis ’65 were also in attendance at the special ceremony. Del. Joseph Yost ’06, M.A. ’08, and City of Radford Mayor Bruce Brown, M.S. ’78, also attended.

The Artis Endowed Scholarship Fund

Once fully implemented, the Artis Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide a $3,000 award to 67 Artis Scholars each year in perpetuity. Scholarship recipients will be high-achieving incoming freshmen and transfer students studying in the Artis College of Science and Technology.

“As first-generation college graduates, Pat and I understand the value of education. We are pleased that our donation will enable current and future generations of students to access Radford University,” said Nancy E. Artis ’73.

“Education is the single greatest investment that anyone can make in their life. We are honored to invest in the Artis College of Science and Technology that will further the education of many students to come,” said H. Pat Artis.

“I believe I speak for everyone here today and across our beautiful campus when I say: Pat and Nancy’s gift to Radford University in support of the Artis College of Science and Technology is beyond humbling. Indeed, the Artis Legacy will live forever in the hearts and minds of the Radford family,” said J. Orion Rogers, Dean of the Artis College of Science and Technology.

On behalf of the student body, Hannah Bell ’17, chemistry major, and Dewey Milton ’17, computer science major, spoke about their Radford University experiences and the exciting opportunities the Artises’ generous contribution will afford future generations of Highlanders.

“I have been given so many opportunities here,” Bell said. “I have traveled. I have researched. I have represented Radford University and my department at national chemistry meetings. I have made lifelong friendships with not only my classmates, but my professors. The College of Science and Technology has really grown over the past few years, and I feel like it has been a very transitional time. If it weren’t for the support that the University receives from the community of donors, we wouldn’t have any of this.”

“At Radford, I have already coded programs that will solve puzzles and designed my own card game,” Milton said. “This semester, my software engineering team is working on a social network site for the University. All these experiences would not be possible without the contributions of many people.”

Alumna Nancy E. Artis '73 and her husband Pat Artis, Ph.D pictured with President Brian O. Hemphill and Marisela Rosas Hemphill, Ph.D. after it was announced the Artises will contribute $5 million to Radford University to establish the Artis Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Milton also spoke of the support he has received from the Artises through a scholarship.

“Nancy and Pat Artis have done so much for me,” Milton said. “Their scholarship allowed me to not have to work this semester and instead, focus on my studies and projects. I’m looking forward to straight A’s this semester, and without them, that probably would not be possible.”

About the Artises

Nnancy E. Artis is a 1973 biology graduate of Radford University. She has served on the University’s Board of Visitors (2006-2013) and currently serves as a member of the College of Science and Technology Alumni Advisory Council and as vice president of the Radford University Foundation Board of Directors.

H. Pat Artis holds a B.S. from Virginia Tech (1971), an M.S. from Rutgers University (1976) and a Ph.D. from the University of Pretoria (1992). He currently serves as a professor of practice in the Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech.

The Artises own Performance Associates, Inc., a Pagosa Springs, Colorado-based company focusing on performance and replication for enterprise storage subsystems. The company provides educational and consulting services as well as a family of software products.

The Artises have been supporters of Radford University since 1987 and have contributed to many initiatives across the University, including in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Radford University Athletics, College of Business and Economics and the newly-named Artis College of Science and Technology.

“For many years, the Artis family has served as true champions and strong supporters of Radford University, thereby creating countless opportunities for students and enhancing the environment in which they learn. The outstanding leadership and selfless contributions of the Artis family have forever made a mark on the Radford family,” said President Hemphill.

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