COBE Receives Challenge Grant

The Marietta McNeill Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Trust announced a three-for-one challenge grant of $25,000 to the Radford University Foundation for the College of Business Capital Building Fund.

“We wish you success in meeting terms of the challenge grant for this important project,” Sarah D. Kay, vice president of philanthropic management for Bank of America, trustee for the foundation’s assets, wrote in a March 8, 2011, letter announcing the challenge.

The gift will be made when $75,000 in cash is raised as a direct result of the foundation’s commitment. The challenge must be met within a year.

Based in Richmond, the Marietta McNeill Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Trust was established in 1962 to support and promote quality educational and human services programming in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

RU began construction in May 2010 on the COBE building. Designed as the campus signature building for the 21st century, the three-story structure will feature state-of-the-art classrooms and offices, public spaces, adaptable multipurpose areas and a trading room that will simulate an actual financial operations center. The building is set to open in fall 2012.