April 2022 Newsletter

Spring Wisdom from the Dean of Students


Greetings Highlander Families!

I hope this finds you in good health and spirits.  We are fast approaching the last 4 weeks of the Spring 2022 semester. Spring is always fast-paced, and April is full of exams, papers, projects, examinations, in addition to celebrations, leadership transitions, elections and recognition of accomplishments.  This period can be a higher stress period for your student as they work at balancing all of the in-class and out-of-class demands.  This is also the time of year that they should be planning and registering for their Fall courses.  You can be a great coach encouraging your student’s success by asking them if they have met with their academic advisor and are ready to register for the Fall.  If your student expresses being stressed, tell them to pace themselves and take advantage of all the programs and services available to them on campus.  I also encourage students to take full advantage of the beautiful weather that comes with this time of year.  It is hard to beat being outside on a beautiful spring day.  Tell them to join their fellow Highlanders by grabbing a blanket, their books, and a fully charged laptop and bring their homework outdoors. The college experience if full of growth and change, both of which can be taxing and hard. “Spring; a reminder of how beautiful change can truly be" (author unknown).  Your student is in the home stretch and summer respite is on the horizon. I look forward to celebrating the successful end of another academic year.

Be well,

Angie Mitchell, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students   

RU Outdoors - Spring in the NRV

Attending university can be both a scary and exciting time; so many unknowns and so much newness.  There is excitement in the air and an eagerness to explore.  Students are embracing who they are while exploring who they want to become: enter RU Outdoors. 

Founded in 1986, RU Outdoors was originally designed to provide the students of Radford University a chance to experience the adventure through peer led hiking, rock climbing and canoeing trips.  Over time, the program has morphed into more than just an outing club; it has branched into one of the most comprehensive outdoor programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Today, RU Outdoors offers community service programming, internationally recognized certification programs, equipment rental, indoor rock climbing, wilderness-based freshman orientation programs, leadership development curriculum, extended expeditionary travel programming and its traditional weekend-based adventure trips. 

At its core, RU Outdoors is designed to bring people together while trying new and exciting things. The robust trips program offers rock climbing, caving, skydiving, SCUBA diving, backpacking, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, paddle boarding, skiing, mountain biking and much more!  Using the outdoors as the venue and adventure as the catalyst, opportunities are created for students to challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally while learning about the importance of teamwork and collaboration.  The programming is designed to help students develop leadership skills, create new friendships, explore sustainability, and invest in community all while trying something new.

Participation is easy and anyone with an eagerness to try something new and a willingness to learn is welcome to join us on any of our programs; no experience is necessary.  All equipment, instruction, food and transportation are included.  All you have to do is show up. Our goal is to teach students new skills and help them unlock so much of what they innately know but have yet to discover.  

For more information visit our website or follow us on social:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruoutdoors

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RUOutdoors

Web: https://www.radford.edu/outdoors

Two female students smiling in front a a tent in the outdoors.
A group of 8 students stand together, arms linked, in front of a small waterfall.
Male student stands on rock outcropping in front of a beautiful NRV sunset.

The Harvey Center - Resources for Academic Success

The transition from high school to college academics is challenging for many students. The Harvey Center (HKC) has coaches ready to work with fellow students to help them through this transition. Using a learner-centered approach, we offer free academic coaching, online resources, workshops, and many other opportunities to provide support for your student while also helping them build the skills and confidence needed to successfully navigate their coursework. Our services are led by Radford University Students who are excited to partner with your student on their learning journey.

What is Academic Coaching?

At the HKC, we like to call Academic Coaching “Tutoring Plus.” An Academic Coach is a fellow Radford student who will meet with your student up to twice a week, depending on their needs. They learn about your student’s goals and strengths and assist them in building the effective habits and skills that will help them succeed in college. Academic Coaches are here to assist students with all stages of their learning. The main goal for each of our Coaches is to support, empower, and help fellow students achieve their goals.  

What classes and subjects can the HKC help with?

HKC Academic Coaches have taken many of the courses that your student will take during their time at Radford University, and they can assist with general success skills for any course. They can help fellow students develop subject-specific study strategies, understand key concepts from the class, prepare for exams, provide writing support, and improve general success skills like time management and note-taking. All Coaches are available to assist your student with these general skills no matter what courses they are taking!

What if my student is not sure what kind of help they need?

That’s okay! Our skilled office staff are students trained to talk with your student and listen to their needs. They will ask questions to learn more about their class experiences or plans and can recommend a service or even a specific Coach. They can also help your student find a time to meet with a Coach that best fits their schedule.

When should my student visit the HKC?

The earlier, the better! We encourage students to connect with a Coach in the first two weeks of the semester. This gives them a chance to start the semester strong by reviewing the expectations and assignments for their classes, learning strategies for a new or unfamiliar class, and getting a jump start on effective note-taking. A Coach can help them understand expectations like attendance, due dates, and how frequently they should be reviewing information from the course. Even if your student waited until final exams, we’d love to see them come in!

What other services does the HKC offer?

The HKC not only provides students with opportunities to broaden their knowledge and academic goals but also the opportunity to meet with their peers and form relationships through the HKC community. The HKC provides multiple learning spaces to students including large sitting areas containing tables, chairs, and whiteboards, as well as reservable individual glass study rooms equipped with screens, whiteboards, tables, and chairs, where students can meet individually or in groups. The HKC also provides multiple learning resources that help students become successful. Students can check out graphing calculators, computers, charging cables, etc., and borrow items such as whiteboard markers, charts and graphs, and multiple other elements that students may need in order to succeed. They are free to stop by the HKC to pick up a free agenda for the semester! 

Two students sit side-by-side, masked completing study guides.
Hallway of study rooms in the Harvey Knowledge Center
Two students sit at a computer with an HKC tutor looking over their shoulder to assist.

Building Community Through Professional Development

Woman teaching in the middle of a room with students sitting at dinner tables all around her.

The life of a college student revolves around growth. An innumerable amount of opportunities exist daily at Radford to further one’s personal and professional developments. As we speak, relationships are being formed in classrooms, dining halls, and out on the quads. The community around Radford University is constantly being re-forged into something even stronger than it was the day before.

Radford University is a community that is committed to helping students build relevant skills for their futures. In addition to hosting career fairs of nearly 220 employers, the Center for Career and Talent Development held its annual Etiquette Dinner led by Kathleen Harshberger, author of Protocol Still Matters in early March. Dedicated to showing students the ins and outs of professional dining, those in attendance were offered a three-course meal while learning what to do in the presence of a prospective employer. With many students of different backgrounds in attendance, connections were being made at the dinner table that will last long after diplomas have been handed out, graduation gowns have been stored away, and the first paychecks received. Not only were students learning to handle themselves in professional situations, they were strengthening the foundation that Radford University has been built upon since its founding.

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Student Spotlight: Emily J. Martinez

Emily J. Martinez smiling in front of the Heth Clocks on a sunny day!

Senior marketing major/management minor from Sterling, VA

My favorite Radford memory was getting a tour from my brother and fiancé, looking at how passionate they were made me love the campus. Radford truly is home, I am proud of our melting pot community! 

The organization that has made a major impact on my college experience has been joining my organization Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Incorporated. I have made such great connections and met amazing people. 

My advice is to check in on your Highlander! Send them a card or a care package! I know when I received a card/care package from my family it always brought a smile to my face! 

A big thank you to all of my fellow Highlanders that have been a part of my college career! 

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Quick Tips From Financial Aid

Is your 2022-2023 FAFSA on file?

If your family hasn’t completed the 2022-2023 FAFSA we encourage you to complete your aid application for next year as soon as possible.  The Office of Financial Aid will begin returning student award offers in June.  Make sure your FAFSA is on file to prevent any delays in your aid offer for the next school year.  File your FAFSA online – www.studentaid.gov!

Understanding Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

All financial aid recipients are expected to meet the standards defined in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy to maintain their eligibility to receive aid for the next academic year.  Read our full policy online – www.radford.edu/progress.

What are the financial deadlines?

The Office of Financial Aid publishes a timeline to help families manage our deadlines by semester.  We encourage you to review the timeline regularly for important dates and deadlines!  You can find the timeline on our website – www.radford.edu/finaid-timeline.

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Save The Date - Family Weekend 2022

For more information, visit www.radford.edu/familyweekend. A full schedule will be available late summer 2022!

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