August 2022 Newsletter

Here we go!

Here we are once again! August is full of energy and campus is humming. Here are a few quick tips to help you start the new academic year.

  • If your student is living on campus or in an University-operated apartment, make sure they check their University email. They were sent a link to sign up for a move-in appointment.
  • New students (first-year and transfer) are encouraged to move in on August 18th and 19th. New Student Convocation (the official academic welcome) will happen on the evening on August 19th.
  • All students will find great opportunities to get involved and build community through #RadWelcome. You can check out our page of events at and follow the hashtag across social media.
  • Pre-registration for Family Weekend 2022 is now open. And ticketed events are open as well. Find all of the details at You are NOT required to pre-register but it will guarantee your shirt size is available for your two free shirts per family! If you want more than two they are available for purchase on the ticket page!
  • Is your student looking for campus employment? Have them log into their OneCampus account and click on “Handshake.” All campus positions are posted there. They might also be headed into the job market so take a look at Career & Talent Development events:
  • There are still some open spots for Higher Ground – a new student transition program. Your student would move in early (August 17th) and have an incredible five-day experience. Registration is open until Sunday, August 7th:

We can’t wait to see you and your students in Radford in just a few weeks!

Focus on Student Success

Announcing the Highlander Success Center --- The one stop location for student success!

With two locations including Young Hall in Radford and the 5th floor of Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital, the Highlander Success Center (HSC) is the place to find everything your student needs to build a strong plan for success. From academic planning and advising, to career and connections programming, both locations of the Center are designed with our Highlander students in mind.

In a central location on the Radford campus, staff can be found on all four floors of Young Hall to support students. No matter where you enter, students will find someone to guide them on their journey! The third floor houses all of our academic advisors, to connect and meet with them easily. Advisors have all the tools to support students and know exactly how to connect students to resources and programming to meet their needs. Career and talent development services are found on the fourth floor, along with our orientation, retention, and student connections staff! Young Hall is THE place to help our students kick off the year right. Our packed career closet can be found on the first floor to help students dress for success for interviews, career fair engagement, or other professional attire-required events. Did you know we take donations of clean, gently used professional attire to rehome for students preparing for success?

At Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital, advisors and tutors, testing, and writing support are located within a single location near the library on the 5th floor. Set up to support students studying in Roanoke, the HSC Roanoke is there to provide resources and guidance as students focus on preparing to enter health science-related fields. Regardless of our location, our staff offer one-on-one support, group workshops, and training sessions on everything students need to support their academic and professional success. We hope students will stop by and meet our staff, check out our events, and just remember that the HSC is the place for student success at Radford University! 

Young Hall - home of the Highlander Success Center

Young Hall - home of the Highlander Success Center

Navigating Roommate Relationships

Roommates getting to know one another

Many college-bound students and their families are preparing to travel to the campuses where they’ll begin one of the greatest journeys of their lives. I’m sure the anticipation of it all has come with a range of emotions. While I hope excitement has been the prevailing emotion, I recognize that uncertainty might also be present. Having a positive roommate experience is probably something students are worrying about and that’s fair. However, as you consider the potential of the year as Dr. Hendrix has shared, I’d like challenge you to imagine the possibilities of how awesome the experience of living with a roommate could be. Here are a few pieces of advice and tips that can assist in fostering a good relationship with your roommate and finding community.

1.     MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS – Connections may not happen immediately and that is ok. Give it some time and allow the relationship with your roommate and others to grow naturally over time as you get to know one another.

2.     KEEP AN OPEN MIND – Know that like you, your roommate and others come from different upbringings and lifestyles than your own. College is all about learning and growing. Both you and your roommate will likely change as you learn and grow through your time together. That difference is not something to be afraid of.

3.     COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT – If you haven't begun communicating with your roommate yet...start! Having initial conversations can be a great way to build that roommate relationship early and make plans for discussing how you will live in your shared space. Use the roommate agreement, listen to one another, and be considerate. Those will go a long way during future conversations you’ll have.

4.     SHARE SCHEDULES – It may not seem necessary but sharing schedules can help you and your roommate plan out study times in the room, having meals together, having friends over, and other things such as sleep!

5.     CLEAN REGULARLY – Make it a habit to clean your space regularly, tackling laundry, taking out the trash, making your bed, and washing dishes. All of these will make your space one where both roommates are able to live and study comfortably.

6.     GET TO KNOW THE HALL STAFF – Your Resident Advisors and Resident Directors are there to support and connect you to people and things happening on campus that might interest you, especially if you do not know where to start.

7.     PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE – Try something new and meet others. Attend campus events. If larger events are not your thing, attend your floor meeting or other smaller scaled activities to help you ease in. Keep hope, there are many ways to find your people and get involved!

I know this time is exciting and scary. But with a little courage, time, and effort, I’m certain that students will build lasting relationships and develop a sense of place here at Radford University. We can’t wait to welcome you in a couple of weeks!

Dr. Kendall K. Pete,

Director, Housing and Residential Life

Dr. Kendall Pete, Director of Housing & Residential Life

Dr. Kendall Pete, Director of Housing & Residential Life

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion: Where You Matter & Belong

Black Excellence Gala 2022
The 2022 Black Excellence Gala at Radford University. One of many events to celebrate cultural diversity at Radford University. Ms. Ashley Offutt, Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is third from left.

Hi! My name is Ashley Offutt, and I have the pleasure of serving Radford University as the Director for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. I am so excited to welcome you all to the Highlander family! As I reflect on my experience attending an institution in a rural part of the state as a first-generation and car-less and financially insecure student from Louisville, Kentucky - the best parts about my college experience were being able to learn, grow and develop from people and places that I had not experienced back home.  During my time in college, I was able to experience different cultures without having to leave campus. We do encourage your student to get out and take advantage of our off campus learning opportunities/events like Higher Ground, RUOutdoors, Cultural Excursions, and Leadership Conferences and it was great to know that I could experience cultural growth while being on campus. Learning was accessible to me in so many ways! Experiences like these are what lead me to making campus community inclusion my mission. I am excited to share information about the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) with you!

The CDI offers a space to explore and encourage diversity and to promote a deeper appreciation for people from all backgrounds. We envision Radford University as a multicultural institution that provides a forward-thinking and progressive approach to social justice, belonging, and equality. Through the commitment to educating students, staff, and faculty on issues of diversity, our hope is to promote global citizenry that will encourage inclusive communities. We offer a welcoming environment, engaging programming, keynote speakers, conversations around social justice and diversity, cultural excursions, student leadership opportunities, work-study positions, a computer lab, lounges, a conference room, a student leadership office, laptop loaner program, and FREE printing. Our office is also home to the Diversity Awareness Programming Board (DAP). This is a student organization and the that provides opportunities for students to learn, engage and connect through educational, cultural, and social programs, and events that bring awareness to diversity, inclusion, belonging, civic engagement, and social justice issues.

It has been such a joy to share with you all the great things that the Center for Diversity and Inclusion offers to our campus community! I hope that you will stop by and engage with us during move-in weekend, Family Weekend, Homecoming, commencement, or just on a day that you’re sharing with your Highlander! The office is in Heth 157, adjacent to the Financial Aid Office, and across from the One Card and Parking Services Office.

Go Highlanders!

Student Spotlight: Jenna Laver

Jenna Laver, Class of 2025
Jenna Laver, Class of 2025

My name is Jenna Laver. I am from Dumfries, Virginia and I am an Elementary Education major. I am about to start my sophomore year at Radford University and could not be more excited! Freshman year for me can be perfectly described as a roller coaster. There were a lot of things that I heard about and prepared for going into college but not everything can be prepared for or expected. I came into college with the thought that nothing could stand in my way and that I would be able to conquer anything I set my mind to. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. I learned very fast that things can fall apart and very quickly, but if you keep your head up and focus on what you want things will get better. I did not anticipate moving rooms, regrouping, and starting everything over. My mom was my biggest help because even though she wasn’t there she could still give me advice and get me through situations. Even during hard times there are still good things to come out of those situations.

The biggest highlight of my freshman year was that I finally found the right friends and a group that pushed me to be the best version of myself that I can be. And I ended up being happier than ever which led me to join my wonderful sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. By being in this organization I have met some of the greatest people! These women have taught me that no matter what, I always have someone I can count on to be there for me whenever I need it.

My best advice I would give to the incoming freshman class would be to go with the flow and put yourself out there. You will learn very fast what you do or do not fit into. My other advice would be for you parents to always check in on your kid. Going to college was a very big transition for me but having people to support me was the most helpful thing. Learning how to adjust to different scenarios and accepting the hard times that may come makes it much easier to be happier with learning to be who you are. The biggest thing I took away from my freshman year was to always be yourself and you will figure out the rest. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Friday, August 5th

Priority deadline for the Financial Aid Office to receive a Private Education loan certification request or Parent PLUS loan application to assist with fall charges

Financial Aid Office

Wednesday, August 10th

Fall 2022 Payment Deadline

Office of the Bursar

Monday, August 15thLast day to pre-register for Family Weekend 2022 to ensure a guaranteed shirt size. Pre-registration is NOT required. On-site registration is available and shirts are first-come, first-served.Student Life

August 18th and 19th

Residence Hall Move-In

Housing & Residential Life

August 18th – September 22nd

#RadWelcome programming – encourage your student to get involved in Welcome Weeks at Radford University. A full schedule can be found at!

Student Involvement

Monday, August 22nd

Fall classes begin


September 5th

Last day to withdraw with a full tuition refund

Office of the Registrar

September 5th

Last day to apply for Fall 2022 Graduation

Office of the Registrar

September 23 – 25th

Fall Family Weekend

Pre-registration (not required):

Secure attendance to ticketed events:

Division of Student Affairs

September 30 – October 2

Radford University Homecoming

Alumni Relations

Saturday, October 1st

2023-2024 FAFSA Application Opens

Financial Aid Office

Friday, October 7th

Fall Break – Class NOT in Session


Saturday, October 8th

Highlander Festival