Reports & Senate Motions

General Presentation on the QEP, December 2011 (PPT) View the expanded version of the powerpoint presentation on the QEP delivered at the December 7, 2011 Open House and December 8, 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting.  

Faculty Senate

  1. Motion regarding involvement of the Faculty Senate in the Continued Evolution of the QEP Document, presented and tabled at the December 8, 2011 Faculty Senate meeting
  2. Report to the Senate 15 September 2011 (PDF)
  3. Proposed QEP Concepts:  Abstracts (PDF)
  4. Presentation to Senate on SACS and the QEP, October 2010 (PDF)

Reports to Board of Visitors

  1. Report to the Board of Visitors 15 September 2011 (PDF)