Launch Team Members


Clelland, Iain

Marketing, COBE

Cubbison, Laurie

English and Core Curriculum, CHBS

Dunn, Scott

Communications, CHBS

Jacobsen, Laura


Lachowitz, Tom

Marketing COBE

Lyman, Beth

Sociology, CHBS

McLaughlin, Deborah

Dance, CVPA

Mekolichick, Jeanne

Sociology, CHBS

Napolitano, Frank

English, CHBS

Ren, Michele

English & Women’s Studies, CHBS

Roberts, Ann


Roth, Rick

Faculty Senate , CSAT

Shoemaker, Pat

SACS Liaison, CEHD

Taylor, Lynne

Social Work, CHHD

Van Patten, Susan

Faculty Development, CITL

 Wagner, Melinda

Sociology. CHBS

 Webster Garrett, Erin

English, CHBS

AP Faculty and STAFF

Bodo, Bethany

Academic Assessment                   

Carter, Lee

Student Affairs—replaced by Susan Trageser on August 1

Claud, Ashlee


Dickens, Teresa

Office of Community Engagement and Career Services (OCECS)

Filbert, Tim


Leonard, John

Student Affairs

Taylor, Ellen


Trageser, Susan

Student Affairs

Williams, Ginger

Sponsored Programs and Grants Management

Williamson, Patti

Pre-Major Advising

Whicker, Jennifer

McConnell Library

Subcommittee Membership, Meeting Dates, and Links to Minutes

Please note that we are still in construction and some elements of the page are not yet operational. Please check back for meeting minutes which will be posted here as an archive and public record of our work. 

Central Launch Team

Meeting Dates: April 20, May 14, June 19, July  12, August 9


  1. Erin Webster Garrett (Chair)
  2. Bodo, Bethany      
  3. Carter, Lee  (replaced by Susan Trageser)
  4. Dickens, Teresa
  5. Dunn, Scott
  6. Filbert, Tim
  7. Lerch, Steve (non-voting)
  8. Mekolichick, Jeanne
  9. Roberts, Ann
  10. Roth, Rick (replaced by Laura Jacobsen)  
  11. Shoemaker, Pat
  12. Thompson, Kathy
  13. Webster Garrett, Erin

Faculty Development

Meeting Dates:  April 16, April 23, May 8, June 5, June 27


  1. Jeanne Mekolichick (Chair)
  2. Lachowitz , Tom
  3. Lyman, Beth
  4. Van Patten, Susan
  5. Webster Garrett, Erin
  6. Bethany Bodo


Meeting Dates: May 2, May 10, May 16, May 22, June 1


  1. Carter, Lee (replaced by Susan Trageser Aug 1)
  2. Cubbison, Laurie
  3. Filbert, Tim
  4. Jennifer Whicker
  5. Ren, Michele
  6. Wagner, Melinda
  7. Webster-Garrett, Erin
  8. 8.     Williamson, Patti


Meeting Dates:  April 13, April 17


  1. Lee Carter (Chair)
  2. Clelland, Iain
  3. Jacobsen, Laura
  4. Leonard, John
  5. Williams, Ginger


Meeting Dates: April 9, April 30, July 21


  1. Scott Dunn (co-chair)
  2. Ann Roberts (co-chair)
  3. Webster Garrett, Erin

Community Engagement


  1. Tim Filbert (Chair)
  2. Dickens, Teresa
  3. McLaughlin, Deborah
  4. Taylor, Ellen
  5. Webster-Garrett, Erin


Meeting Dates: April 13, April 30, May 30, June 7, August 9


  1. Bethany Bodo (Chair)
  2. Carter, Lee
  3. Cubbison, Laurie
  4. Van Patten, Susan
  5. Webster-Garrett, Erin