Launch Team

In order to address recommendations made by the SACS On-Site Team and to ensure that the Scholar-Citizen initiative reached its target of piloting courses, processes, and measures during the 2012-2013 academic year, in April of 2012 a temporary ad hoc Launch Team was established. 

The Launch Team was comprised of informed faculty and staff who had been involved in the development of the QEP as members of the QEP-Writing Team, the QEP Advisory Council, or of an affiliated office (e.g., the Faculty Development Center). The charge of the Launch Team was to steward the QEP through the initial months of implementation until a full-time, fully staffed, and fully representative Steering Committee could be constituted in fall of 2012 in accordance with our institution’s internal governance and curricular structures.  

The Launch Team was made up of two tiers:  

  1. The Launch Team Sub-Committees charged with developing specific elements of the QEP needed for SACS reporting and for piloting courses, curricular initiatives, faculty development, and co-curriuclar programming for academic year 2012.     
  2. The Central Launch Team (CLT) comprised of the Chairs of the sub-committees.

Specific Duties of Subcommittees

  • Faculty Development Subcommittee
    • Develop a Faculty Course Survey through which an inventory of existing and ongoing Scholar-Citizen related learning activities and processes could be established.
    • Contact current practioners of Scholar-Citizen related learning activities and seek their advice on ways to support community-based learning and research at RU.
    • Develop a Faculty Perceptual Survey to be administered in Fall of 2012 measuring the degree to which faculty felt Scholar-Citizen related learning goals and activities are valued at RU. 
    • Work with the Director to design a "soft launch" event for 2012.
    • Begin developing training and support materials for faculty interested in developing Scholar-Citizen courses or learning activities. 
    • Work with the Assessment Subcommittee to develop appropriate, assessment-oriented faculty development activities. 
  • Engaged Scholar and Co-Curricular Grant Subcommittee: 
    • Create procedures and an infrastructure for soliciting, vetting and funding projects.  
  • Communications Subcommittee:
    • Creatre and implement a master communication plan focused on recruiting students and faculty to the QEP during fall 2012.
    • Work closely with New Student Programs and specifically with Quest Assistants and Univ 100 faculty and PIs, as well as pursue development of communication materials for the website.
  • Community Outreach and Engagement:
    • Identify and foster relationships with community organizations and agencies.
  • Assessment:
    • Work closely with the other subcommittees on assessment related issues (for example, developing surveys for in-coming freshmen, working with faculty to create rubrics to be piloted in the fall, etc.).
  • Curriculum Development:
    • Work with faculty developing pilot courses for the
    • Establish guiding documents for identification, development, and designation of Scholar-Citizen courses and projects.