The Scholar-Citizen Initiative (SCI) is dedicated to providing our commnity with opportunities to gain new knowledge and experiences. SCI connects people, ideas, and resources to each other, promoting positive social change and providing highly engaging and transformative learning opportunities to students. 

Service Opportunities: 

Volunteer NRV: Linking those who want to volunteer with groups who use volunteers.  The service serves Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski counties and the City of Radford.  

Ideas for Service Projects: 

The Give Big NRV Project: linking you to your favorite causes and providing resources for nonprofits.   

The Livability Reports: published as part of the Livability Initiative, these reports reflect three years of collaborative research with local residents in the New River Valley to develop regional plans focused on developing a vision for the future and developing  strategies that businesses, community organizations, local governments, and individuals can use to make this future vision a reality.