Adjunct Resources

Becoming a member of the Radford University Family

Adjunct Faculty can be ‘hired’ using a three-year appointment letter process for each department or program for which the adjunct is qualified.  This three-year appointment does not guarantee class assignments or salary.  Once classes are assigned to the adjunct, the respective academic term contract and agreement of payment amount is electronically issued.  Adjunct job postings are at:

            New Adjunct Three Year Appointment Process:  pdf

            SACS Credentials Requirement: pdf

Employee and Salary Resources

            To access the Virginia Department of Accounts Payline Account:

            The Department of Human Resources link is:

            There are tiered schedules for adjunct salaries, based on respective disciplines. 

                Polices and Compensation (10-26-2015) pdf
                School of Nursing: pdf
                EDME 408 (01-05-2016): pdf
                APHT 844 (08-05-2016): pdf
                GNAC Adjunct Compensation: pdf

Adjuncts should not be assigned more than a total of 7 courses in a given academic year as they are considered part-time employees. If there is uncertainty that total course assignments may be inappropriate, please contact Human Resources for review of assignments already worked and planned assignments. 

Typically, a 3:3, 3:4 or 4:3 assignment load would keep the adjunct classification as a part-time employee.

An Adjunct's performance should be evaluated on an annual basis. (Form pdf) 


Re-appointments can occur if there has been no break in the three-year appointment timeframe. The process is streamlined from the 'new' appointment process.

            Re-Appointment Process: pdf

Separation from Radford University Family

Once it has been determined that the adjunct will or must separate from the University and the three-year appointment, there are one of two processes that can accomplish this task. Adjuncts should notify or discuss with the respective department Chair of separation plans.

            Adjunct Separation: pdf

Dates, Calendars and Handbook

Adjunct payroll dates generally follow the bi-weekly pay schedule that is determined by the Payroll department. Intersession assignments for Summer terms have a delayed pay schedule with payments beginning after July 1 of the respective term. The link for the pay schedule is:

            Academic Calendar:

            Academic Personnel Actions timeline is found at:

            Holiday Schedule:

            Teaching and Research Faculty Handbook:

How Will An Adjunct Know If They Have A Class Assignment?

Department Chairs or Program Directors will discuss with the adjunct availability to teach prior to entering the assignment into the Radford University Banner modules.

Once the respective dean has approved the course assignment(s) and compensation entered into Self-Serve Banner Faculty and Load Compensation (FLAC) system, the adjunct will receive an email in their Radford University email account. When received, they should follow the instructions in order to acknowledge the term contract. Not completing this process will delay salary payments.

               How to Acknowledge Class Assignment(s): pdf

Odds and Ends

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